Why the quest for a nappy rash elixir ends half the world away in Britain.

Is it bizarre that 3 million parents in Mainland China use the internet to shop in the United Kingdom (five thousand miles away!) for baby and children products every year, even though there are convincing alternatives widely available closer to them?


Well not completely. You see as as online shopping platforms display millions of products within a thumb’s reach of anyone in the world and shipping becomes faster & smarter - consequently plummeting in price, the perceived integrity of the origins of the product is surfacing as an important challenger to price or convenience in shopper behaviour patterns, particularly in the parenting space.


“Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”clearly now perceived as a British strength, was perhaps considered a weakness by commercial leaders in countries with more aggressive expansion cultures. But in a global marketplace this has won Britain’s nation of shopkeepers an extraordinary advantage, humbly accepted with the utmost respect for ever single parent placing an order as if an honour has been bestowed rather than marketshare won.

UK China Children's Day in Cambridge on June 1st 2019

This moved me to invite some of the remarkable and often little known thought leaders behind the most sought after (and upcoming) British based parenting brands in Mainland China to join us on June 1st for Children’s day at Clare College in Cambridge. The brands include Waitrose, Optibac, Annabel Karmel, Reckitt Benckiser, Danone, Delemere, Bickiepegs, Betteryou, Abbott, Professsor Scrubbingtons. And to my delight many have accepted. Plus we have kindly been supported by the Britain China Business Council and the Royal Mail.

Thus, on 6.01 2019 in the esteemed auditorium of the UK’s most prestigious university these pioneers will share their ideas, philosophies and visions for building trusted products which are genuinely renown for contributing to the wellbeing of babies and children all over the world. And in doing so  will, without doubt, leave us with an enduring impression of their positive contribution to our current and future generations.

Sharing this historical event with millions of parents in Mainland China.

Mainland China's President celebrates Children's day, an important holiday for the country.

Joining us on this historical day and to share in this enthusiasm are a considerable number of parents from Mainland China, major online influencers in Mainland including Zhang Peng and Xiao Jie Mo Mami Jiang  followed by millions of parents and the geniuses from Netease Kaola the most popular and powerful shopping platform in Mainland China for buying from overseas markets.

Joined by a group of highly regarded VIPs

Oh yes and one more thing. We also have the distinguished pleasure of being joined in the courtyard by a wonderful mini entourage of 30 or so VIPs (any child aged 0-12) who will be ignoring all the boring talk and simply living it up at the kids fair and tea party in the central courtyard.

Attending the event​

There are invitations for 80 people to attend the event. If you would like to attend as a brand partner, parent or influencer please do contact us on reception@avenue51.com

6.01 UK China Children's Day is organised by Avenue51 and Brand partners.